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1Password Protect  v.3.4Utilities / Encryption$39.95Shareware760 Kb
2Password Protect File  v.2.2Utilities / Miscellaneous$29.95Shareware447 Kb
3Password Protect Folders  v.1.1Business / Finance$39.95Shareware657 Kb
4Password Protect USB  v.3.6.1Utilities / Encryption$39.95Shareware1014 Kb
5Folder Password Protect  v.2.8Utilities / Encryption$39.95Shareware669 Kb
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1HTML Password Protect  v.1.5Web Development / HTML Editors$39.95SharewareDetail

If you have a website, you may want to password protect some web pages of your site. Visitors need to login before enter these protected web pages. With HTML Password Protect, you can encrypt and password protect web page, html page and whole

340 Kb
2Password Protect USB  v.3.6.1Utilities / Encryption$39.95SharewareDetail

Password Protect USB is a software program designed to protect an unlimited number of folders with your personal passwords. To protect your information, you do not have to move all your files to a special secure folder; you can set a password on any

1014 Kb
3Password Protect File  v.2.2Utilities / Miscellaneous$29.95SharewareDetail

Password Protect File allows you to protect all your personal files easily, the protected files will be encrypted and unreadable. With Password Protect File, what you need to do is just adding your personal files to Password Protect File. The files ...

447 Kb
4Password Protect Content  v.1.0Utilities / SecurityDetail

Our FREE Password Protect Content script will help you protect various types of contents (text, images, multimedia, etc.) located in different places of your website. Create an unlimited number of content blocks and put them on your web pages.

512 Kb
5Protect PDF File  v.2.3Utilities / File Management$25.00SharewareDetail

Are you looking for solution to protect pdf from copying, protect pdf from editing, protect pdf from printing, protetc pdf with password? Protect PDF can comfort users looking for a solution to protect PDF files, protect pdf document. Protect PDF

1.97 Mb
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1IEProtect  v.3.00Internet / Browsers & Plugins$29.95Shareware982 Kb

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2Oven Fresh Password Maker  v.3.2Web Development / HTML Editors$24.95Shareware2.73 Mb

password maker, password protect pages, how to password protect web pages, passwords, protected, wizard, enctypted, scrambled, webpage, webpages, websites, username and password, usernames, css

3Password Protect Folders on Windows  v.1.0Utilities / Miscellaneous$39.95Shareware655 Kb
4ImlSoft Application Lock  v.2.2Utilities / Security$19.95Shareware0 Kb

password protect app, password protect program, password protect game

5Password Login  v.5.9Web Development / HTML Editors$34.00Shareware12.4 Mb

password wizard, password maker, password protection, webpage password protection, password protect page, password protect website, how to password protect a webpage

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